At Isaiah Forty, we counsel. We teach. We pray. We coach. But, ultimately, we help people unearth and integrate the fullness of life in Jesus Christ. We’re a ministry of healing and wholeness, building up people in their interior lives, to be mature and resilient, so they can pursue the mission God has for them. Our prayer is for a Church that can “run and not grow weary,” that will “walk and not be faint” (see Isaiah 40:31).


Leadership Development Cohort

January 1, 2024


January 31, 2026

online with in-person retreats

a two-year commitment to growth in community for Christian leaders and counselors

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Becoming Whole Montreal

March 23, 2023


March 25, 2023

Westview Bible Church @ 16789 Boulevard de Pierrefonds Montréal, QC H9H 4T3 Canada

a conference for relational wholeness and transformation in Christ

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October 26, 2022


December 3, 2022

Online (Zoom)

an online, video-based course by Henry Cloud & John Townsend

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Since our founding, Isaiah Forty has made a commitment—"Money will never be the only barrier to healing and wholeness." This commitment means we offer our services even to those who can afford very little, or nothing at all.

That commitment makes Isaiah Forty financially lop-sided. We operate at a loss. But, we have a team of Ministry Partners! Ministry Partners, in addition to praying for us and our work, give their hard-earned resources so that we can continue our mission.

These Ministry Partners make Isaiah Forty possible. If you would like to become a Ministry Partner of Isaiah Forty, click here!